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Valand School of Art

Valand School of Art is a college connected with the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. This booklet was designed as an exhibition catalogue for graduates of the school’s Independent Study Program for the academic year 2007/08.

From early conversations with the four artists it was apparent that there was little common themes running through their work. Each of the artists were working incompletely different areas through different media andsubject matter. This made it a little difficult to create a single book design that would fit the desires of all the artists.

The booklet we eventually created was called ‘Read Me’. Each of the four artists was represented by their own seperate booklet featuring different internal layouts.

The booklets were then collected together in a fold out cover/poster that included information about an exhibition called ‘Eat Me, Drink me’ that they had worked on together, the school itself and a curated interview with each of the artists.

When folded the cover also worked as the mailer for the booklet reducing the need for the printing of envelopes.

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