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Gothenburg Film Festival

Working in conjunction with two architects, Alice Van and Vivian Uang, a call was answered to assist in the design of the main festival tent for the annual Gothenburg Film Festival.

The brief was two fold. Part one was to design a centre-piece for the main stage. Part two was to design a second stage under the concept ‘Winter Weather’ that would feature daily talks from famous directors. Because of the nature of the Festival we were constrained to working within a small budget for both these jobs.

The centre-piece was inspired by the logo for the festival itself which featured a red dragon. We decided it would be appropriate to blow this logo up to create something of scale. Made from polystyrene the 2m high dragon created an imposing figure on the stage.

The second ‘Winter Weather’ stage was developed around the idea of creating a clearing in a winter forest. The stage was arranged to suggest that the audience had also been invited to this clearing in order to hear the special guests speech. The idea was taken further still by suggesting that all the animals in the forest had also arrived at the clearing to listen.

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