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Farming the City

Farming the City is a project of the urban research group CITIES. It attempts to showcase and help develop urban agriculture projects throughout the world.

This exhibition took place at ARCAM Amsterdam Centre for Architecture earlier this year. The focus was to show an overview of the current urban agriculture situation in Amsterdam, focussing on statistical analysis of existing projects, new ideas and encouraging new volunteers to get involved. The exhibition formed one part of phase one of the project.

The physical parts of the exhibition used cardboard boxes in an innovative way to provide structure and consistency, and to achieve two goals. The first was that the exhibition should be entirely recyclable to fit in with the sustainable aims of the project. The second goal was to fill a large space on a small budget.

Phase two of Farming the City is set to encourage more activities around the Amsterdam area and also involves bringing out a printed book, which Studio Knox will begin to design sometime later this year.

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