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Athletes in Paris

A graphic identity for the band Athletes in Paris who are described as a group who ‘sing in an accent too broad for anyone outside a 50 mile radius of Newcastle to fully comprehend more than little soundbites. To the accidental tourist they are an indie band speaking in tongues. They have two drummers playing world beats and latin grooves. Their incredibly catchy and equally idiosyncratic pop songs are punctuated with chanted gang-vocals and frantic muted guitar picking.’

The Headline typeface is inspired partly from typography associated with American sports teams and ‘Letterman’ jackets. Red and blue are the distinctive colours used throughout the identity up until this point as it seemed like the most appropriate way to develop a loose connection to the word ‘Paris’.

Photographs were taken in the city of Leeds by British photographer Claire Morris. The images were art directed in a way that focusses on providing an antithesis to the normal band based imagery of members standing around looking sullen. It was felt that encouraging the band to move in the photographs more could be made of the ‘Athletes’ part of the band name.

At the present time Studio Knox has developed digital and print material that covers the band’s initial releases.

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