Studio Knox is a small graphic design and art direction studio based in Stockholm.
Our work encompasses all aspects of graphic design including: identity and branding; editorial and book design; labels and packaging; exhibitions and installations; websites and digital experiences; way finding and signage; and, advertising and communications.
We pride ourself on accuracy and attention to detail to create work that is not only creative but is well-crafted as well. Furthermore the studio underpins all its design work upon a strict basis of research and analysis as this is the only way to get to the heart of the task at hand.
Our main philosophy is that good graphic design should be user-centric and that the audience is placed at the core of all design solutions. We also works on the belief that innovative and sustainable design is created from a combination of both traditional and future reference points.
By utilizing an extensive network of contacts across different design disciplines the studio can on any project regardless of need, scale or budget. We are open to collaboration and bring in outside skill-sets when needed.

Studio Knox is a small studio managed exclusively by its director.

Chris Knox MFA is a British graphic designer who was born in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1981. He has extensive professional experience within graphic design, providing skills which are applied to the studio’s projects.

The studio maximises its potential by bringing in outside skill-sets on a project-by-project basis when they are needed.


Studio Knox feels fortunate to be able to continue to work with many interesting individuals, groups, companies, organisations and establishments.

To date these clients include KTH University in Stockholm, Stockholm’s Architecture Museum, Amsterdam Architecture Centre, The Municipality of Amsterdam, amongst many others.